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3D Panels
StoPanel 3DP
StoPanels are prefabricated megapanels with unprecedented design freedom.
Sto's systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional construction methods, including installation speed, value, and superior performance.
Unprecedented Creativity with Total Control
To manufacture StoPanel® 3DP panels, a lightweight polymer matrix is 3D-printed, filled with a 2-lb density insulating foam, and robotically milled to exact dimensions. The process allows for unprecedented creativity as virtually any shape or form can be created at a large scale for use with any of Sto’s high-performing finish and color options. Using Design Assist Services, you can fully explore the aesthetic possibilities. Because shapes are produced directly from digital files rather than being interpreted from shop drawings, the result is extreme accuracy that is true to the original design.
Material and Time Efficient
Traditional construction methods produce massive amounts of material waste that threaten our planet. Branch Technology is shifting the paradigm with a "Zero-Waste" construction method that uses 20x less material and 5x less production time.
The fully tested system with all control layers – AMB, continuous insulation and water-shedding, UV resistant finish – performs to the highest standards and meets International Building Code standards.