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Telescoping Glass Walls
EXPO makes any space adaptable and dynamic, allowing for instant transformations between fully open space and private work and meeting areas.
The telescoping door system features single or double framed glass panes with optional drop seals for superior acoustics, a motorized synchronized pulley system for a flush profile when opened or closed, an integrated handle, and a stunning look in your choice of Muraflex finish.
Sophisticated Engineering and Design
A unique ceiling-hung construction is what makes EXPO stand out. A patented upper attachment allows EXPO’s panels to hover just millimeters above the floor. Without a floor track or threshold to collect dust or trip over, EXPO stands its ground.
Expand Without Limits
EXPO is available in both a manual system and a motorized telescoping door system. The manual system can stack to the left, to the right, or have a center split to reduce the number of doors stacked when opened. With each door linked to the next one, the system glides effortlessly no matter the span. The motorized system can span up to 20 feet or twice as much using two systems with a center split. An ingenious design conceals a small powerful motor in the upper track so that users can open or close EXPO with a simple hand gesture or the click of a button.
Superior Acoustics
Few solutions can invite collaboration as well as provide privacy. EXPO does so with an innovative construction that reinforces its acoustic integrity. With framed doors, the gap between each panel that would let sound seep through is eliminated with a gasket. The framed doors can also accommodate a drop seal that hits the floor when the system is closed, creating a full seal on all four sides. Whether you choose a single or double glazed system, you’ll benefit from superior acoustical properties – see STC Document for scores.