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Demountable Glass Walls
Minimal and Modern, MIMO is a versatile and elegant system for your office designs. Infuse light, expand sightlines, and feature architectural elements.
Installed on the finished floor, MIMO can easily be moved and reconfigured. This line satisfies all types of walls, glass or solid panels, and doors: sliding; hinged; with pivots; glass or wood. MIMO walls can also accommodate electrical wiring or plumbing. Apart from being stylish and sophisticated, this line is functional, fully customizable, and perfectly hygienic.
Superior Acoustics
Any wall’s sound blocking qualities are only as good as those of the material of the wall. What sets glass wall manufacturers apart is their ability to design full wall assemblies with acoustical properties that equate to the acoustical rating of the raw material: the glass pane. Muraflex is dedicated to offering high-performing products and providing glass walls with superior STC ratings (see STC Document for scores).
Tailored to Your Space
MIMO is a perfect option for all commercial designs, such as offices, public spaces, or sanitary needs such as hospitals or laboratories. Made from fully recyclable aluminum, the extrusions are available in countless colors and finishes and can accept a variety of glass and wall panels. The MIMO range has all the required and necessary conformities, compliances, tests, certifications and contributes to the LEED and WELL codes.
Glazing Options
MIMO accommodates all design and performance preferences. In glass or solid panel, MIMO is available in single-centered, offset glaze, and double pane for superior acoustics.